"A Letter from the founder"

Dear BMW friends,


Bimmian Empire was originally created as a local group of guys that just wanted to meet other BMW enthusiasts. The frustration came when there was no really site to do this. The forums out there are amazing but really didn't give you a way to search or meet friends like a facebook would. And lets "face" it Facebook although a great communication tool is bombarded with things that are not about our cars and the people who drive them.


So rather than quest for a site that was BMW exclusive and user friendly... We just made it. Our goal is not to change social media or compete with the very forums we have all come to love. But rather change the way we meet BMW friends and receive great info about the cars we love.


We view this project as yours. Tell us what you want.  Whether it be site functionality or content; anything really. You control your profile, blogs, groups, and most importantly your suggestions give the site direction. Every voice is heard and appreciated.  Be apart of the movement. Your contribution is imperative to the success of this site. Thank you for your time and membership.




William Bryan

Founder of Bimmian Empire



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